Jan. 5th, 2006

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I had a pretty good and quite long holiday. We went to see various relatives, who were on the whole a pleasure to be with, and provided good food. My Christmas presents were a goat and two teachers - or rather my family paid for them to be provided somewhere or other, on my behalf.

On new year's eve we went to [livejournal.com profile] einval's party, which was an enjoyable evening of burning food, blowing things up and Drinking Through It.

Now I've started my new job and am learning how things work at Level 5. My desktop runs Fedora Core, which is a bit sucky but at least it's not Windows. So far my colleagues have shown themselves to be friendly (not that that wasn't true at BWS) and smart (ditto, for the most part). I also discovered another past acquaintance among them (that makes 3 now).

On Tuesday night I booked our flights for Debconf in Mexico. We'll be spending 16 days there in total, probably starting off as tourists and then going on to DebCamp before the conference proper.

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